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October 2011 Pastor's Pen

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October 2011 Pastor's Pen

Posted by: Brian D. Prucey on Mon, Sep 26, 2011

Monthly pastor's newsletter article

The following is reproduced from the original minutes of the meeting to organize the new Elm Grove Baptist Church

Minutes of the organizational meeting of Elm Grove Baptist Church
October 12, 1941

Moderator, W. T. Stephenson
Clerk, J. R. Pilkinton

Mrs. J. H. Mercer gave a brief history of the Church.

Mr. Stephenson gave a brief resume of his work here since July 1941.

A calendar of activity was made to carry through December 1941.

The Church organization was set for September 28, 1941. This was delayed until October 12, 1941 so that Mr. Stephenson could be back to help.

Members of the Elm Grove Church from the original are: 

 Mrs. J. H. Mercer
 Mrs. C. M. Moses
 Mr. C. M. Moses
 Mrs. C. A. Horton
 Mrs. J. E. Pilkinton
 Miss Mary Hodges
 Mrs. C. B. Hodges
 Mrs. H. C. Horton

There are several others who have not been baptized.

A committee was formed for drawing up a Church covenant and declaration of faith. Elected were:

 Mrs. T. J. Williams
 Mr. J. H. Mercer

It was stated that every Baptist Church has definite control over auxiliaries of its Church.

The members by letter are:

 Mr. & Mrs. T. J. Williams
 Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Pilkinton
 Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Cornish
 Mrs. O. B. Mobley

Clayton Cornish was elected Sunday School Superintendent. Miss Mary Hodges was elected Treasurer. Teachers:

 Mrs. C. M. Moses
 Mrs. C. A. Horton
 Mrs. Cornish
 Mrs. Williams
 Mrs. Mercer
 Mr. Hicks

J. R. Pilkinton was elected Church Clerk

The officers of a New Testament Church are Pastor and Deacon.

The election of deacons to be held within two weeks for observance of the Lord’s Supper.

Mr. W. T. Stephenson was nominated and elected Associate Pastor.

The vote for morning and night services was held. Vote:

 Morning – 0

 Evening – 0

 Both – 22

Signed, J. R. Pilkinton


John 4:38 “Other men have labored, and you have entered into their labor.”

We are blessed to have entered into the labor of others who have gone on before us. Faithful men and women who had a vision for a Southern Baptist witness in the Elm Grove and south Bossier Parish area.

My prayer as we celebrate our church’s 70th anniversary is that those who come behind us would find us faithful as well. We are creating a legacy that others will look back upon in 70 years. Just as those first members laid the foundation upon which we now stand, we are laying a foundation upon which others will stand in the future. Let us be faithful to our legacy and faithful to our Lord.

The shepherd loves the sheep!

Pastor Brian

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