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Ministry Center Break-in

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Ministry Center Break-in

Posted by: Brian D. Prucey on Tue, Aug 30, 2011

Hope for Bossier Ministry Center broke into; several electronic items stolen.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Hope for Bossier Ministry Center (old parsonage) was broken into sometime between Sunday afternoon and early this morning (Tuesday). The thieves stole the computer, monitor, T.V., DVD/VCR combo, surround sound receiver and speaker system. (Amazingly, they left the printer!) The thieves also dumped out a 37-gallon Rubbermaid container of macaroni and used the container to haul away the electronics. The thieves apparently broke out the glass in the backdoor, crawled through the hole, and opened up the sliding glass door on the back patio. The backdoor glass was sturdy Plexiglas and did not break. It fell to the floor in one piece when the framing around the window gave way. The deadbolt lock on the back door requires a key both inside and out, so the backdoor was still locked. The thieves had left the sliding glass door wide open when they left.

Fortunately, the computer was over 12 years old and not worth much. The computer monitor was also many years old. The TV, DVD/VCR, and surround sound system came with the trailer when it was purchased about 7 years ago. The depreciated value of all the items stolen is less than our $1,000 insurance deductable, so we won’t be making a claim. We have another computer in the office that we’re not using and can put that to use over there. There’s no need at this time to replace the TV, DVD or surround sound system.

The Bossier Sheriff’s office has processed the scene and did lift some fingerprints. Hopefully, they will help lead to the arrest of the thieves. The trailer has been released back to us for clean-up.

A special thanks to David Lemoine for discovering the break-in this morning. David is repairing some roof shingle damage from last Wednesday’s storms. I appreciate such great help. The backdoor glass is temporarily in place until a new window frame comes in on Thursday.


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